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Quato the 2
copied from :iconalmightyayama:

1. Pick 6 characters in any order
2. Don't change the questions
3. Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4. Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!

1. Quato
Quato1 by bahamutforever
2. Kaio
Kaio-edit1-2 (2) by bahamutforever
3. Edwin
Img100colored (1) by bahamutforever
4. Jackdaw
JackDaw by sacodesaga
5. Pattie
Patty by sacodesaga
6. Ryia
Chieftess Ryia by bahamutforever

1) -1- Quato and -4- Jackdaw are traveling to the store together, when both are checking out, they realize none of them have any cash. How do they react?


Quato - I got the portable hole and the the long pocket (bag of holding.)  You got a stick?
Jackdaw - I got a stick.
Quato - I got a really bad idea.
Edwin - I could just pay.

2) -5- Pattie gets out of bed late at night needing a drink of water, noticing the power is off, they have to face going down a long flight of stairs. Do they make it to the bottom safely?

Pattie has nightvision, so she probably would be fine with the dark, but she's really tall, so good chance she would walk into a low hanging door frame or something and smuck herself.

3) -3- Edwin has just been stabbed and left in a forest to die, -6- Ryia comes to help but faints to the blood! How does -3- Edwin react to -6- Ryia fainting?

While Edwin was bleeding out, he would be genuinly baffled while the GREAT WAR CHIEFTESS RYIA would faint at seeing a bleeding Lacornian ('technically') her mortal enemy.  This situation would be like a big game hunter who guts and skins animals on a regular basis having a hard time dealing with somebody having a bleeding nose.  

With that said, once Ryia went down and Edwin figured she was fainted, he would likely become VERY CRABBY having to now deal with a stab wound AND a fainted teammate.

4) -2- Kaio is forced to make love to -1- Quato , how does this go? Let -2- Kaio explain.

Breaking the 4th Wall
Quato - Nope
Kaio - They want us too...?
Quato - Yeah, NO.
Kaio - What?  Tsk̓emt!
Quato - I'll take my big green Orc lady thanks.
Kaio - I will take mine.  As well.  She is not green.  
Quato - This is a loaded question.  C'mon.  I mean, only options 1 and 5 and 2 and 6 are 'canon' yo.
Kaio - A cannon?

6) -2- Kaio is lighting birthday cake candles for -1- Quato's birthday, but -2- Kaio catches on fire! How do they both react?

Thats just awful.  And its more likely that Quato would light himself on fire.

That is still silly thinking about it though.  Big stoic native american paladin dude with his tunic sleeve on fire.

7) -6- Ryia is on their phone and suddenly a porn website shows up and sees -3- Edwin doing dirty things! What do they do?
Ryia - You!  Your-your filthy Lacornian!  Ketkét̕t!  He's--!  Arrgh!
Quato - What.  What?  Who?  Eddy?  Since when is he mine?
-Shows Quato her tablet/laptop (in a fantasy LoTR setting :P )
Quato - What the fu--hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAAHA!   What is this ha!?  Look at this!  GROTESQUE!  
Ryia begins to hit Quato repeatedly in disgust while Quato laughs like a hyena

8) Does -5- Pattie love/hate anyone? what are the lengths -5- Pattie would go through to be with someone they love/ get rid of who they hate?

The most important people in Patties life are her adopted father, Elwin Hobuscus, her adopted half-elf (trans) brother Lawkai, and her adopted elven sister Audrey.  

Elwin took great care in the raising of Pattie.  Elwin had to do quite a bit of juggling.  Pattie would be growing up in a 'civilized' world, so he could not have a child that would grow into a big brutish monster.  On the other end, he could not 'force' Pattie to become something she wasn't.  

9) -1- Quato goes off on -5- Pattie, what would they have done to make -1-Quato become so angry? 


10) -3- Edwin and -4- Jackdaw are arguing over where to go for vacation. How does -5- Pattie try to stop them from arguing?

Throw a blanket over the bird!

11) On a scale from 1-100, how violent is -2- Kaio ?

Quato - My PAL Kaio?  1, but that is what is scary about it.  The man is a professional.  If he's made up his mind he just goes to work.  

12) -1- Quato is dangling off a cliff and -2- Kaio is watching them. How does -2- Kaio help -1- Quato from falling to their death?

13) -1- Quato, what are you good at? What are you bad at?

Good at?  Improvising.

Bad at?  Staying on track.

14) -5- Pattie just bit -2- Kaio's butt, how do they react? 

Pattie - OKAY.  I wouldn't INTENTIONALLY bite!  Maybe if he fell on me or something!
Jackdaw - What if you where trying to hurry him up a latter eh eh?  Would you bite em then?
Quato looking in curiously
Pattie - NO!  Maybe I'd give him the ol BIG POKE - making a crude stabbing motion with two fingers while sticking out her tongue.
Kaio looks pensive
Kaio - I will go up ladders last for now on.

15) -6- Ryia Cant find the object they love very much! ((EX: phone, book, toy...)) How do they react to their loss?

Scowl and pout.  The entire village would be on edge for a few days, seeing the Big Chieftess stewing about on a war path, looking in the same spots over and over and over and over again, all while being escorted by a somewhat nervous looking Paladin.

16) -3- Edwin isn't photogenic and is camera shy, but -1-Quato keeps trying to take pictures of them! How does -3- Edwin try to get -1- Quato to stop?

Edwin would initially attempt to threaten with some sort of legal implication (LG) but Quato wouldn't give a damn (CG) so Edwin would likely eventually succumb to Quato's harassment, though not without much complaining and lead footing along the way.

17) -5- Pattie , if theres anyone in this meme you could be lovers with, who would it be? If no one where, then who?

Pattie - Ugh.
Quato - What?

18) -6- Ryia just found -2- Kaio secret sex toy stash, Reactions?

That would be interesting.  Kaio BELONGS to Ryia, so the idea of Kaio KEEPING anything from her would be insulting and would make her angry.

And then she would demand that he would demonstrate the toys on her.

19) -4-Jackdaw calls -3- Edwin by mistake instead of -1- Quato . Whats the conversation? 

Jackdaw - Hey how's a going!
Edwin - Uhmm good.  Pretty good.  
Jackdaw - Yeah is Quato with you?
Edwin - ....No...
Jackdaw - Yeah calling Quato but called you by mistake!
Edwin - Ah, okay, well...?
Jackdaw - So how's a going?
Edwin is now forced into 45 minutes of babbling

20) There's a bear chasing -2- Kaio and -6- Ryia  , who gets away and who gets mauled? 

Great Chieftess Ryia went through far too much trouble convincing Kaio that he BELONGED to her to loose him to a damn bear.  Both eyeballs would be plugged with neuro-toxin tipped arrows.

21) To all, what are your obsessions/fetishes?

Pattie - Well, its NOT mouthy little redcoats.
Quato - Whats wrong with mouthy little redcoat rogues?
Pattie - Well, their mouthy!
Quato - I thought you liked the 'mouthy' part, HMM?
Pattie - Hmmmmmmmm!
Edwin - Uhmmm (I don't want to be here for this conversation...)
Ryia - Northern Yaxk'in Paladins.
Kaio - S-southern Yaxk'in Chieftesses?
Quato - Good answer!
Jackdaw - Guys!  I'm down to half a sack of peanuts here!  We need to hit up the market!

22) -2- Kaio and -6- Rya  are on a boat together, and the boat starts sinking. what do they do? 

Yaxk'ins can swim.

23) -1- Quato , -4- Ryia , and -6- Jackdaw are stuck in an enclosed room together, How do they react and what do they do?

Ryia scowling at Quato.
Quato not happy, looking at Ryia.
Jackdaw looking around, inspecting the room.
Ryia still scowling at Quato.
Quato shooting daggers back at Ryia
Jackdaw - Hey!  Heyhey!  Hey!  HEY!  You guys!  Guys!  Help me find a way out!  Guys!  Hey!  Hey!  Guys!
If Ryia was a cat her tail would be right up and she'd be arching her back trying to look as big as possible.

24) -2- Kaio is stuck in a tree, how do any in the meme help number -2- Kaio?

Edwin - You know how silly this looks right?
Quato - Pretty lame PAL. 
Edwin - Just climb down!
Kaio - I can't!
Quato - I saw him tackle an Antipaladin and tumble off a cliff.  He didn't think too much about doing that.
Kaio - That was different!
Jackdaw - Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!
Pattie - Is he stuck up there?
Edwin - I guess so?  He says he can't climb down?
Jackdaw - Hey!  Hey!  Hey!
Ryia - Why is my Paladin in a tree?
Kaio - I DON'T KNOW!?!

25) This meme is now over!!!!//dont forget to taggg

Quato - I get it.  Someobody got a hold of one of the Sorcerer Scrolls and started mucking about with the meme.  
Edwin - Hmm, you think so?
Quato - How else did Kaio get stuck in a tree?
Edwin - Hmm.  
Quato - Reason maybe the tree's been magiked?
Edwin - Hmm, its possible.  
Quato - Think we should INVESTIGATE or something?
Edwin - What, like chop it down and count the rings?

Kaio - I feel silly.  I was stuck in a tree.
Ryia - Hmm.  You are alright now.  -looking him over- How did you get up in the tree.
Kaio - I don't know.  I was just walking along and then I was in the tree.
Ryia - nuzzling Kaio - I blame Quato.
Kaio - amused - Why do you blame Quato?
Ryia - (He's probably putting words in our mouths and typing this nonsense out)

Pattie - Jack!  Get out of the damn tree!
Jackdaw - Why?
Pattie - Well, it got Kaio stuck up there somehow!  Edwin and Quato are talking on it, think its dangerous.
Jackdaw - looking around - IT'S A TREE!

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